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Facilitation,  Training and Consultancy 
My facilitation, training and consultancy work uses tried and tested coaching and facilitation approaches to help you get better results, more quickly and more enjoyably than many traditional methods. 

I design and deliver facilitated  sessions covering a wide range of areas, from team building, to partnership development, to collaboration projects, to action planning, to change programmes. 

Works starts with me spending time  with the session sponsor to agree purpose, objectives and success criteria for the project. Before the session, I  engage people to help establish an environment and prime behaviours and expectations so that the event succeeds 


I offer training in the following areas:

  • Creative Coaching Tools and Techniques
  • Group and Team Coaching Tools and Techniques
  • Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders
  • Mentoring Skills 
  • Leadership Development 

I support organisations who want to develop different approaches to a range of challenges, from building a coaching culture, to establishing a feedback culture, to building resilience, to focusing on priorities. 

Get  in touch to talk through how my facilitation, training or consultancy services can help your business suceed.